My life began June 14, 1987 in Milan by Anna and Adriano. Until now, I have lived in Varedo, a little city of 13,000 souls close to Milano.
since I was young I have always loved the contact with the water, so much so that in summer I was always the first going into the sea, and the last to come out.

11e meeting arena sprint rouen 2011

It has always been an amazing feeling.
At 8 years old I started playing basketball, and I have to say that I wasn’t a phenomenon in fact I was hopeless. At 13′s, my mother sent me in a swimming pool to attend courses about swimming. After a few months, one of the strongest Italian finswimmer, Anna Di Ceglie, was choosing young people to join the team of finswimming and I was one of those. I did not know this sport and neither the monofin. I liked be followed properly, spurred by Anna and I always listened what she said about corrections. After a few months I tried the monofin and I remember my feelings: “but it’s like having a motorboat at the foot!”. The speed impressed me and since that day I’ve always tried to look others finswimmer, the stronger, to learn from them.
I have always tried to look for an appropriate technique to be more hydrodynamic, more agile, faster.

Davide Manca was one of the person who most influenced me and the way I swim, but also the behavior on the poolside or in the race. For me it was an example to follow, so swim with him and try to imitate him meant get to his level. In 2002 (15 years old) I began to win, I participated for the second time in the Italian championships category and I remember that I won a lot of medals, swimming from 50apnea to 800sf  with the simple monofin and without hitech swimsuit. Seems like a lifetime since that year there were conditions and parameters, very different from today. In 4 years there has been a rapid evolution that has revolutioned times, technicians and athletes.
2002 was the last year all Italian athletes competed with simple monofin .