In that year I was on the national young team and participated in the  Young European Championship inPoland. I remember the power of Kabanov, which was already using new gyperfins:  he beat many old World records, beginning for me a new era of finswimming. The next year these new monofin arrived in Italy and also national records were updated and dejected. I began to swim with my new coach Valter Mazzei and swim with old guys and that year with Valter went to Hungary to try these new monofin.


This new monofins stimulated me to give more in training. If the first time I tried the monofin it seemed to have a boat at the foot, with the new ones seemed to fly in the water. A wonderful feeling of harmony of movement, lightness, ease and agility.
At 16’s I went to Seniores European Championship but I could not participate at the Youth World Cup in Korea for the SARS risk. I was becoming always more serious in training even I had not particular goals, I swam only for pleasure of reaching my limit and overshoot them. I noticed it more and more.

2004 was a busy year full of satisfaction and I have would never thought about it. We bought a Hungarian monofin, was perfect on my swimming style. I tried it in the first Italian Championship: 3 gold medals and two senior records. I’ve ever dreamed about going to the highter place of podium, and not seem true. Until that moment I was swimming for fun, to overcome my limits; but since that competition I’ve begun to swim with many goals in mind: win mainly. I went to the European Youth in Hungary and the World Senior Champioship in China. I started to think about how improve myself and I was doing it with my technique, turns and the underwater part of the race. It was my last year young and I wanted to leave a mark: 3 gold medals and 2 European youth world records (1 record in 1500, 12.29.65 but I was disqualified for irregular swimming style).

Eger 2004 (HU):pic with russian team, one of strongest all times. the idea to be between them made me feel proud of myself, but also respected by them