In the World Championship in China did not swim so well because the season was very long, but it was an unforgettable experience. 2005 is the year of “revenge”, because the year before I couldn’t show to my rivals what I could do. I trained very hard all year, made many sacrifices, and with the goal of winning at least one European gold. Valter one month before the race said that I would have won all the races. I was scared about it.
Nikolay Reznikov was my biggest rival, he was a beast of at least 2 meters, how could I beat him? My trainings continued: sometimes before sleep, dreamed about victory, but also the defeat, or disqualification. I felt ready for everything. The most wonderful competition was 400 mt against Resnikov. I had swum 300mts very fast and I had not so much strenght to finish it, I was first but in the last 100 he was very close. But I wanted too much my “revenge” and I had it. 3.00.19: neither me thought was possible. Also Resnikov swam under record with 3.00.36. I won 3 gold medals in 400,800,1500 and 3 world records
For me it was almost a surprise as something beyond my thoughts, especially records.

Figini 2005 european finswimming
(in the pic Resnikov, me and Vinkler in the 800 podium; San Marino 2005)

2006 and 2007 were the years perhaps the most difficult because full of obstacles: the tendon pain that prevented me from trainigs as I wanted, but also school and most of all “the calm”.

The “calm” means as the fulfillment, one of the highter obstacles because mental. Valter (the Coach) didn’t stop to repeat me for months: “I don’t see you anymore as a fighter like before, you are believing to be the strongest.” I don’t remember words used to convinced me to go back to train seriously, but probably  was about some rival, telling me that if I didn’t trained rivals would have beat me.

The goal, however, was to become World Champion: Goal achieved 5 times.
Initially I did not realize, then I felt it like one of the waves created by myself. Only when Valter told me I was the first Italian win five gold medals in a single league realized what I had done.

Torino 2006 (ITA): the first relay win by italy in hte history of finswimming in 4×200. with world record.