2008 was definitely the most difficult year: so far finswimming has ever been fun for me and my technique, the economy of gesture and feelings were in the water before anything else.
I found myself in the water. Always. Then as a result of constant pain and intractable ankle my body and my mind had found a way to not feel it: swim in a different way. The phrase of the year was “Am I swimming wrong?”. Valter tormented every day with this question every day and I felt so wrong not good about myself. Every day I spent swimming in that way made me stop wanting to swim. I was wrong, “Figini swims wrong” fill my head as if the public out criticize my technique. I could not control my body and that was frustrating for someone like me who has always sought the perfection of technique.
Not amused me more into the water, I felt only anger and the desire passed before entering. 2008 is the year of swimsuit ipertech made with rubber that nobody knew if we could use, until Nava and Figini in a 200 swam half a second under the world record in a crazy race.

4x100large_223066269Despite all the European Eger (HU) did not go so bad, of course I could not swim at the same level of Bari, but won 1500 and 800 (retouching the world record a few seconds), relay 4 × 200 relay and the historical 4 × 100 that Italy has never won. The 400 and 200 Nava Tourunakis overcame them, I “only” two silvers.

I thought that after the summer break coming back in the water would be to start from scratch but problems had not changed, so I took a decision and I told to my coach: “If in January I will swim still in this way, I’ll stop.” I was so demoralized by the fact of not being able to control my body that I had lost all motivation.
After placing my problem to many specialists, I asked my teacher who teached at the University of physiotherapy. Thanks to his contribution can say that the problem was solved: even if I did not have the technique as before I could swim and train. But the problems never end: as well as exams to pass the final year of university and thesis writing, I had problems at home and that was annoying for me a lot. In spite of everything I was always focused mainly thanks to Valter. 2009 is the year of the World Games a very important competition that takes place every four years in which I had ever attended.