The following year (2007) I passed the entrance exam for Physiotherapy, but my desire to swim was also increased only because I had an other goal in mind: to be the first man swim under 3 minutes in 400 . In the end the year before missed only 19 cents for this (3.00.19) so not seemed so far; but the school, the calm and tendons didn’t help me to reach it.

Every day I came back home at 6 pm, I rested an hour and then went to the pool; and the subjects were interesting and I didn’t want miss lessons for finswimming. About calm and the state of mind I thought to had learned the lesson of the year before, but I needed again words of Walter to train differently. The tendons instead were the biggest problem. Around March I tried the record: 3,00,82. Since that moment began training hard and I had nomore chance to try the record because World Championship was close and I had to train for 200, 400, 800, 1500. The program of championship was another obstacle to achieve my goals: Win 5  world titles like in 2006. I thought for a few months to give up the race, because the final of 1500 and 400 were on the same day, 30 minutes of rest between them… I decided to challenge the racing program and risk. “If you do not try, you will live thinking about, ‘and if I had made them both?‘ …” these thoughts turned in my head.


“I control 1500mt and swim 400mt with all that I have”.. The 1500 was the most difficult race because there was an rival who did not expect: Corean Young. There was a moment I was about to give up but then gritted my teeth thinking about all the people who were watching me, that I were cheering … New world record in 1500. Half  hour later I was again on the block for the 400mt, still pumped for a record that I did not expect.

(first man swim under 3 minutes in 400 meters finswimming)

When in 400,I pass 200mt I didn’t feel neither leg pain, I thought that if I earned a few tenths in small details maybe I would have achieve the record. When I touched it I could not believe it. 2,59,74. I wanted to cry, to scream, to explode but exulted showing my happiness to the public. Even I was excited, I was empty inside, I only think 2,59,74. Only when I saw my race in a video hours after I heard the screams of  people was looking meincluding those of Anna Di Ceglie and Valter Mazzei: a chilling thrill saw me on the neck, strong emotion, unforgettable.